Can a Bad Fuel Pump Cause Transmission Problems?

Can a Bad Fuel Pump Cause Transmission Problems

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We all know bad fuel pump damage many things in vehicle internal parts and reduce engine performance. When the fuel pump gets damaged or starts to fail, you’ll notice the ultimate engine failure, reduced fuel efficiency, hard starting, etc. But can a bad fuel pump cause transmission problems?

Likewise, the way other problems arise due to a bad fuel pump. Likewise, a damaged fuel pump affects the transmission as well. It resists entering enough fuel into the engine resulting in deteriorating engine performance. And due to lack of fuel, the engine will misfire which causes gear shifting to decelerate.

Anyway, today we’ll discuss how can a damaged fuel pump affect the transmission system and how to get rid of them. Also, we’ll try to give you a pro tip to reduce this hassle.

Can A Bad Fuel Pump Cause Transmission Problems: Know How

An engine is made up of various parts that complement each other. So if one is damaged or starts to fail, the other will automatically be damaged since they are connected. Thus, a bad fuel pump reduced fuel pressure and flow. And low fuel pressure is caused due to clogged filter. 

A clogged fuel filter prevents the entering of pure fuel into the engine and creates misfires. Afterward, it affects the transmission, preventing gear shifting. This way, a faulty fuel system hampers the transmission indirectly.

The following are other facts that give you a clear view of how a bad fuel pump affects transmission performance.

By Affecting Engine Performance

First, the way a bad fuel pump damages the transmission by hindering engine performance. Although the transmission is not directly connected to the fuel pump, it damages the transmission system through the engine and prevents gear shifting. Let me clear the matter up a bit more.

The engine will perform well only when it gets enough fuel, right? But naturally, a damaged fuel system can’t deliver better fuel which ultimately affects the power output of the engine. Again, the transmission engages and disengages the engine through a combination of flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch.

In other words, the flywheel and pressure plate are directly connected to the engine. So a faulty fuel system can easily affect the transmission. In this case, you must first identify the root cause and symptoms of a weak fuel pump. Then consult a specialist or qualified mechanic and let the mechanic get the fixing job done.

Inappropriate Air/Fuel Ratio

It is quite normal that a bad fuel system can never keep the air-fuel ratio correct. This results in either excess air entering the engine or excess fuel. In short, the ratio of air and fuel never enters into equilibrium. This causes the engine to not receive the correct air and fuel mixture, potentially damaging the engine and reducing fuel economy.

And when the air-fuel ratio is lean, things get worse. This is how a damaged fuel pump damages the engine and then slowly the transmission.

When you realize that your transmission is having trouble or not shifting gears properly, check the fuel pump. Make sure the air fuel is properly mixed. In this case, it would be better to replace the entire fuel system.

By Reducing Fuel Flow

Another major problem that often destroys a fuel pump quickly is a clogged or jammed fuel filter. When various types of deposits build up in the fuel filter, the fuel does not filter properly. This allows contaminated fuel to enter the engine which destroys it quickly.

Also, the flow where the fuel is supposed to enter does not enter the flow which dries out the engine and subsequently causes a rough idle or misfire. If you understand that there is a problem with the fuel filter, quickly change the fuel filter.

By Reducing Power

We all know how a damaged fuel pump affects engine power. If the fuel pump gets worse gradually, the engine will run with a lower RPM. That means the engine loses its power which in turn causes significant performance issues.

However, at some points, you will face trouble shifting gears from lower to upper. So that can be said, a weak fuel pump produces less power. And lack of power means less efficiency.

When the case is a power issue, you should try to resolve this issue by checking the fuel pump. If the fuel pump gets damaged, in a hurry replace it.


Less fuel pressure creates less fuel saturation. And ultimately, it prevents the engine to get enough fuel. This way, engine and engine-related components that require fuel starve from adequate fuel. As a result, they need to work harder to perform which causes engine overheating.

When the engine caught up with overheating problems, it affects the transmission system inconvenience. Finally, it causes the transmission to work less efficiently.

After identifying the issue, it is suggested to clear the fuel lines or paths to push or deliver the required fuel to the engine. It’s a good practice to change the fuel filter or entire fuel system with a high-end fuel pump.

Restricting Proper Acceleration

Accelerating properly is a crucial thing needed to keep the momentum excellent. But it can’t be possible without a fresh and right fuel pump. If the fuel pump motor gets damaged, you feel your car slowing down suddenly and accelerating poorly. In this case, you should pay attention to the fuel pump. If any mistakes or unwanted things are identified, take your car to a garage.

Final Verdict

For the good performance of a car, it is essential that its various parts are in good condition.  The fuel pump is called the heart of a car. That is, if it breaks down or stops working, the other parts also become useless. Now, the question is can a bed fuel pump cause transmission problems? Simply put, it does but indirectly.

First, you need to understand that the fuel pump is not directly connected to the transmission but to the engine. And because of its involvement with the engine, it is indirectly related to the transmission system.  In other words, if there is a problem with the engine, there is also a problem with the transmission, which is inadequate in gear shifting.  So it is said that a bed fuel pump causes problems in transmission.

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