Delphi VS AC Delco Fuel Pump

Delphi VS AC Delco Fuel Pump

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The fuel pump is a critical yet must-have component for any vehicle. But when it comes to buying between Delphi and AC Delco, we, sometimes, go through overwhelming. Delphi VS AC Delco Fuel pump will eliminate all your confusion.

Both fuel pumps are made to meet or exceed the quality. But they are distinguished from many other aspects like price point, country of origin, built materials, longevity, and so on. Delphi is made from Anodized Aluminum with metal coating whereas the Ac Delco has cast iron materials for better lasting.

The following comparison guide will help you figure out which fuel pump is best for you or suit you the best.

Delphi VS AC Delco Fuel Pump In a Table

The table below distinguishes them while keeping them next to each other. If you have limited time and want to pick the best between them, check the table below.

Key FactorsDelphiAC Delco
BrandDelphi TechnologyGM
Item weight1.73 Pounds (approx.)Not specific
Mileage expectancyAround 150K milesAround 100k miles
Inlet TypeStrainerO-ring seat
Outlet typeHose beadO-ring seat
Voltage13.5 volt DC12 Volt DC
Flow rate35 gallons per hour30 gallons per hour
Built materialAnodized AluminumCast iron
DesignOE-design or specificationsOE-specific
Lift typeMechanical or electronicMechanical or electronic
Fitment Direct fitSpecific fitment
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty1-year
ExpenseLower than its counterpartSlightly higher than its competitor

Delphi VS AC Delco Fuel Pump – Major Differences

Delphi VS AC Delco Fuel Pump

Now, let’s know the specific features and other aspects of both pumps in-details. This way you can easily identify which one is better.


Delphi and AC Delco have been producing fuel pumps for a long. So they both are reliable and well-known competitors in the market. However, Delphi has more than 80 years of experience in this automotive field that delivers high-end, advanced automotive parts and solutions confidently. Can you imagine how trusty a brand could be that produces fuel pumps around the century?

In contrast, AC Delco is a perfect automotive parts brand owned by GM (General Motors). It has been producing automotive parts since 1990. The fuel pump from the AC Delco is the perfect solution for GM.


Both fuel pumps have an Original equipment design that fits, performs, and function incredibly well. However, Delphi uses pure-class OE technology and knowledge to lead the industry. It ensures the exact performance the car owner needs. With its OE design, it reduces the ultimate hassle when it comes to fit and match.

On the other hand, the AC Delco by GM has an OE design as well. As it has Oe design the shape, fit, and function will be satisfactory. Usually, OE-designed fuel pumps last longer and deliver fuel smoothly. So both pumps passed here.

Built Processing or Materials

Quality built materials are crucial when choosing a fuel pump. A quality and rigorous fuel pump delivers smooth function over the years without decorating the engine and the entire system. Anyway, the Delphi Technology fuel pump has Anodized Aluminum with an excellent metal finish. Often, there are some fuel pumps that use alloy steel materials.

Also, the manufacturer takes this pump through rigorous testing to ensure better longevity and durability. In addition, the sturdy OE-examined design makes the pump durable to withstand higher temperatures.

Reversely, the AC Delco Fuel pump is made of cast iron which is more durable and long-lasting compared to stainless steel. However, cast iron construction makes this fuel pump long-lasting and delivers the highest performance confidently. If we compared the built quality, the Delphi is better.


Well, when we discuss their fitment, both are wel-deliverd. They are OE-specified pumps. But there are still some differences. The Delphi has a direct fitment facility whereas AC Delco has specific fitment availability. That means you can install the Delphi effortlessly.

On the contrary, the AC Delco fuel delivery system has a specific fitment. Don’t worry, there are lots of vehicle ranges to fit this pump, especially GM vehicles. It’s also easy to install. The OE specifications allow the pumps to fit, form, and function accurately and precisely.

Flow Rate

Better fuel pumps have better fuel flow rates. And it’s necessary to have a perfect flow rate to run smoothly. Interestingly, these two fuel pumps have similar flow rates. Delphi fuel delivery system has a flow rate of 35 gallons per hour whereas the AC Delco has 30 gallons per hour. So you can see the difference clearly. There is only a 5 GPH flow rate extra in Delphi.


The cost of a fuel pump depends on its quality and where it is purchased. However, Delphi’s and AC Delco’s electric fuel pumps have different prices. However, overall, the price of the Delphi is slightly lower than AC Delco, but not too much.

If you buy from Amazon, you can buy the Delphi pump spending around $40-50 and the AC Delco pump spending around $60 to $70. Note that, if you want to buy the whole assembly, the price will be more.

Pros and Cons of Delphi Fuel Pump

Reduce flow loss in severe contaminationBad fuel pressure and sometimes noisy operation detected.
Over-molded structure to prevent windings or twisting
Strainer-type inlet protects the coating from debris.
Limited lifetime warranty
Withstand extreme temperatures

Pros and Cons of AC Delco Fuel Pump

Pros Cons 
Better fuel supply to the engineLeast warranty
Precise fits perform, and functions
Extremely durable
Vehicle specific fit


So here is the end of the guide to the Delphi VS AC Delco fuel pump. When you need to buy a fuel pump to gain better fuel pressure and boost vehicle performance, a good fuel pump has no alternative. Delphi and AC Delco both are incredible options when it comes to delivering fuel pressure, performance, fitment, and flow rate.

But they are distinguished regarding price, materials, outlet type, warranty policy, etc. However, if you want the best fuel pump at the right budget and don’t miss the quality, go for the Delphi. But if your priority is to achieve better performance, you can go with AC Delco. Overall, both are great pumps you can go with.

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