Drummond Water Pumps: A Comprehensive Review

Drummond water pump reviews

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Are you looking for a submersible pump to suck your pool’s water in less than an hour? Drummond water pump comes in handy here. The suction rate per minute, water flow, rigidity, AC/DC power source, strong plastic materials, etc. are mind-blowing.

The compact and seamless design makes it easy to use and operate. Different models of the pump from the Drummond sump pump have different construction materials. Some pumps use high-resin plastic, and other pumps use stainless steel cases.

However, this Drummond water pump review is organized to discuss its latest features, benefits, and other significant information. We put effort into organizing this review in order to make you feel confident before buying. So, don’t skip and read through this article from top to bottom.

Drummond water pump reviews

Drummond water pump reviews

Highlighted Features:

Construction: Heavy-duty

Materials: Stainless steel, cast iron, or plastic.

Switch: Vertical float or Tether switch

Power cord length: 25 ft.+-

If you have decided to purchase a compact and quality submersible pump, the Drummond clinically offers the best performance. It removes and reduces further hassle in emptying dirty swimming pool water just within an hour.

It comes with some reliable and advanced features including, maximum flow rate, metal or plastic construction, and double-threaded inlet and outlet hose. In addition to these, total head lifting ability, water transfer efficiency, the inclusion of a mounting bracket, a great warranty, and is super fast.

You can use it for any low-profile pumping needs and take out the whole water within half an hour or an hour. It delivers quiet and efficient service for a long time if you utilize it properly.

The Pros:The Cons:
Maximum water flow or transfer.
Long-life service guarantee.
Rugged construction.
Flawless water movement.
Versatile use options.
Some of the pumps are not ideal for fuel or flammable liquids.

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The Features:

The significant feature of this pump is energy efficiency. It runs super quiet and fast but requires less energy or current. Also, the water transfer or flow rate is amazing, varies from model to model though. However, explore more features with detailed information.

Non-clogging Vortex Impeller

The vortex impeller water pump is two times more efficient to transfer abrasive or sludge water. It creates a vortex-style centrifugal force to push the fluid hard against the pump volute which distinguishes it from the semi-open or closed impellers. This type of impeller spin at a high RPM to take the fluid.

Then, it puts the fluid to volute inside that contact to the fluid more gently and correctly. The vortex impeller comes in handy when passing solids without clogging. It is an ideal solution if you want to deal with dirty or stringy solids without any damage.

Heavy Construction

Drummond offers multiple and different HP water pump with rigorous construction. If you are going to purchase the heavy-duty commercial-grade submersible pump with a tether float switch, you can see there is a rugged cast iron construction.

Cast iron has 2-4% of carbon and other molecules that make it stronger. The 1/10 HP pump has rugged metal construction whereas the ½ HP pump has stainless steel housing and case. The following chart will give you clear thoughts on how different Drummond’s submersible pump has made.

Different Horsepower Water PumpConstruction Materials
1/10 HPAll metal construction, steel motor housing, cast metal
½ HPCast metal, thermoplastic volute, stainless steel housing
1 HPStainless steel housing, cast iron-based material
¾ HPStainless steel
⅙ HPPlastic

Standard Diameter Adapter

All Drummond’s water pumping units come with a standard garden hose adapter. Some have ¾” garden hose thread outlets and some have 1” outlet hose. Also, Drummond’s pump offer 26-42 ft. suction head lift settings. For instance, the ½ HP pump has a head lift of 100 ft. at 0 flowing rate.

Heavy-Duty Mechanical Vertical And Tether Float Switch

Another significant feature of Drummond’s inline water pump is its switch. Depending on the model and HP variations, the float switch will be vertical or tether. The mechanical float switch works to observe or monitor water levels inside the reservoir. Also, it is used to trigger as soon as the water reaches a particular level.

A tethered switch is another feature that comes with some of Drummond’s water pumps. It helps to turn the pump on with the water level. When the water level rises, the floating switch flip.

GFCI protected Outlet

GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter is an electrical device that minimizes the risk of hazardous electrical shocks. Luckily, the Drummond water pump has the option to connect this device to ensure safety. More clearly, when you suddenly encounter an electric shock, the GFCI system recognizes it. After that, it cuts off the power before you fall into severe injury.

High Suction Rate Or Water Transfer Efficiency

Typically, the maximum water flow rate varies from different Horsepower pumps. Amazingly, Drummond’s water pump has a water transferring capacity or draining capacity of more than 40% to 50% great. They are more convenient and efficient to run smoothly.

Let’s give an example. Suppose you have a ⅙ HP submersible pump from Drummond. It can take 26-gallon water out per minute. And if you have a higher-grade HP pump, can you imagine how fast the water will transfer?

Let’s look at the chart below to understand different GPH for different HP pumps.

Different ModelsWater Transfer Rate (GPH)Water Transfer Rate (GPM)
1 Hp6000100
½ HP4000-520066.67-86.67
1/10 HP3205.3
⅛ HP157526.25
¾ HP270045
¼ HP175029.17

The Advantages:

The following are some great advantages of Drummond’s water pump. Know them before buying.

A Powerful Electric Motor

The motor is a key component of any pump or other motor-based applications. And the company realizes it for their lovable customer. With its unbeatable motor, it provides unmatched performance for a long. The performance will satisfy you and you don’t need to look back after installing it.

High Voltage Pump

The water pump by Drummond’s be it a sump or utility pump, run with higher voltage. The ¾ HP sewage pump operates with 120V power voltage which is enough for quiet and smooth functioning.

Easy installation and operation

There is a scope to connect the plug to the GFCI outlet or a piggyback plug for both automatic and manual operation. You need to put it in the exact position and then, set the plug. It will automatically do its job and suck the water.

Long service guarantees

There is a carbon-ceramic shaft seal that extends the service life. It helps the unit to provide around 10000-hour service flawlessly. So, buy it and forget to buy another one for a long.


It’s not recommended to use flammable liquids. Drummond’s pump with low HP can’t give you the satisfied results at a high water level surface. The lower the water level, the more perfectly it transfers the water. 

It can’t work efficiently in dirty water.

Final Words

Drummond’s complete water pumping solution is the best option for residential and commercial use purposes at the cheapest rate. The water pumping solution from this brand has different water transfer rates at different discharging head lift heights.

These pumps have a maximum flow rate and transfer water differently from 0 ft. to 100ft. Interestingly, they are compact in size, have a seamless design, easy-to-install and have operating benefits.

Hopefully, this Drummons water pump review based on extensive research help you a lot to explore its features and benefits. Make it your next pumping solution if you have a low budget but high quality in demand.

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