Edelbrock Water Pump: An In-depth Review

Edelbrock Water Pump Review

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Keep the bad things away by putting the new and dynamic water pump from Edelbrock. The Edelbrock is the ultimate pumping choice if you love quality and performance. No matter whether you have a muscle car or a normal off-roading van, this water pump delivers superior performance at a different level.

Edelbrock successfully made their engine-related product without any issues, especially for performance and racing engines. With utmost performance kept in mind, the engineers of Edelbrock put their ultimate effort into building the water pump from scratch in order to modify the OEM pumps.

However, a water pump is a crucial and mandatory part of any engine. It keeps the engine cool by flowing water through the engine materials. Hence, it’s not a good thing to make a mistake while choosing the best water pump. Edelbrock water pump review will help you to know its features, benefits, and other thoughts.

Edelbrock Water Pump Review

Edelbrock Water Pump Review

Edelbrock’s folks or staff take the whole scenario, defects of other pumps, and upgrading thoughts into account to devote themselves to introducing their customer to a better water pump. From casting with high-end materials to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and RPM, everything meets or exceeds the racing and high-performance world.

This water pump is a perfect choice if you have a V6, V8 engine, Cheverollte old versions car, or a light-duty truck. The whole parts and water pump itself are fully assembled in the USA which makes it reliable.

No pulley is required and it’s effortless to handle. Satin finish, perfect rotation, short style, and many more features help the pup perform the industry’s best.

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Highlighted Features:

  • Finish: Satin Finish
  • Item Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Water Pump Type: Mechanical Water Pump
  • Materials: Aluminum, Billet Steel, Iron

The Pros:

  • Extremely Durable.
  • Unique O-ring seals are better than gaskets.
  • CNC-machined housing.
  • More water flow.
  • Long-style anti-clockwise water pump.

The Cons:

  • Slightly expensive.

The Features:

Usually, the Edelbrock water pump is cheaper than other water pumps in the market. The Vector series is equipped with a unique O-ring. The O-ring seal is thousands of times better than ordinary gaskets. In addition, some other significant features will be mentioned below in detail.

Heavy-duty Roller Bearing

The Edelbrock water pump features a ¾” heavy-duty integral ball or roller bearing with ⅝” a pilot shaft. The heavy-duty bearings keep the water circulation perfect to make the engine run. The bearings also work to keep the shaft running. Also, it prevents the engine from overheating frequently. Further, the purpose of using this roller bearing in the racing models is to stand against heavy loads at higher RPM.

Thus, it increases the engine life and overall pump life. All the loads of the pump bear the bearing and keep the rotation perfect. Another obligatory purpose of these bearings is to reduce friction and support the rotating components. Thus, it increases the durability, performance, and efficiency while reducing the cacophony noise of the pump.

Superior Construction

Solid construction makes this water pump high-demanding. Aluminum materials are used as a housing material and the hub is made of billet steel. The body surface is coated with a black oxide that ensures rust. In addition, the billet steel-made hub with black oxide coating is strong enough to last long without breaking and pacing with corrosion.

The stainless steel case and aluminum body ensure the pump is rust-proof and easy to clean. If you look at the pump, you’ll be astonished by its aesthetic look. Additionally, the black coating outside resists water to stick. All in all, the construction surely exceeds your expectations. 

High-volume Pump Flow

High flow pump is required for highly efficient performance. The purpose of a water pump in the car is to push the coolant hard from the radiation via the coolant unit. And the coolant goes to the engine and radiator back through the water pump.

If enough coolant can’t pass the radiator at the right time, the engine will overheat. As a result, the engine misfires and the coolant sits the system idle. So it’s important to keep the fluid or water flowing right and fast.

Luckily, the Edelbrock water pump comes with a curved vans configuration which pushes the water faster without or with less cavitation. Therefore, this pump is ideal for those who want their car’s engine to be always cool and give a cool performance at all times.

Larger Powdered Metal Impellers

Impeller is a great component of any water pump to transfer the water precisely, faster, and quietly. This is why it should be robust enough to last long. Different manufacturers use different impellers on their pumps.

Typically, in the low-profile water pump, you can see there is a vortex impeller whereas other heavy-duty industrial used water pumps use a semi-open impeller. However, Edelbrock adds a larger, powdered-coated, metal-finished, and precision impeller to transfer adequate energy.

It assists the water pump to convert the kinetic energy into pressure energy. Thus, it can produce more pressure and water flow.

Thicker Rear Plate

The thicker the backplate of a water pump, the less likely it is to leak water. The thicker back plate, impeller wall, and shaft form to swirl the water. In addition, there is an adjustable stop on the pump to prevent cam walk.

Curved vans provide maximum flow without considering the highest pressure. As a result, it delivers equal distribution to each side within 1% with consistency.

The Advantages:

Edelbrock trusts the quality and it offers quality water pumps. More than 60% of users gave positive reviews. The pump has a unique o-ring seal that outperforms the conventional gaskets. However, below are some other benefits of this Edelbrock.

Prevent Overheats

This water pump operates quietly and withstands extreme heat conditions. The high-flow pump from Edelbrock will be your car’s best companion on summer days because summer days are coming. On summer days, the engine gets hotter more frequently lacking coolant. It dissipates extreme heat and keeps the correct temperature.

Heavy-duty Seal

The leak-proof and heavy-duty seals prevent leaking, ensuring long-lasting operation hassle-free. The leakage-proof seal prevents coolant from leaking at extreme temperature ranges and gives you the most performance. With its curved vans, it provides significant flow without much cavitation. 

One-way internal passages

It has computer-designed single-way inner passages that push more coolant to flow. The flow is achieved with a higher velocity even if there is a lower RPM. It allows you to perform high-performance racing effortlessly.

Prevents Squealing or belt lose

The rigorous construction, strong o-ring seals, and heavy-duty roller bearings operate smoothly which reduces squealing noise. If you encounter your serpentine belt it produces noise to enjoy the best driving ever.


The pups are made to last because of their high-strength materials construction. Steel hub with a black oxide coating, heavy-duty seals, A365 Aluminum, and high-quality ball bearings make it robust.

The Disadvantages:

This top-of-the-line water pump has few limitations but is not overwhelming. The rear plate of this pump leaks so frequently that cost you a lot. If this happens, you need to install gaskets again.


Edelbrock water pumps provide the highest cooling in different road conditions, especially street and rack tracks. They prevent the engine to get overheating. The construction is robust and durable as it uses A356 Aluminum. There is an extended and exactitude-powered coated metal impeller for better water flow without wear and tear.

Black oxide-coated surfaces prevent oxidation quickly and react the oxygen rarely. That means the pump will last longer without getting corroded. Edelbrock water pump review covers everything including features, benefits, and downsides. Hope, this review will help you to choose this water pump.

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