Davies Craig Water Pump Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Davies Craig Water Pump Review

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Davis Craig has been introducing a wide range of water pumps from low-budget to high-budget. It is a leading manufacturer that has produced top-notch quality automotive-related parts since 1990. From regular to electric, this company is impeccable in producing high-quality parts to meet customer satisfaction.

With its clockwise centrifugal and volute chamber design, it operates under extreme conditions more efficiently. It features push-on fitting sizes with 3 and 6-mm sleeves. High-grade Nylon-66 with 30% glass filled to make it a robust and long-lasting unit.

However, This Davies Craig water pump review will guide you through its features, benefits, and a few downsides to know about this item better. And hope, this review will help you to make a genuine decision about whether you should buy it or not.

Davies Craig water pump review

Davies Craig Water Pump Review

The electric water pump from Davies Craig is an awesome option for your Mazda and other heavy-duty, larger, small, and high-performing 4WD vehicles. It has higher suction and flow rate per minute.

It enhances the coolant flow and control precisely, which in turn produces more power, and torque and saves fuel to increase fuel economy. Davies Craig water pump minimizes the repeated installation hassle and surpasses the performance ability like the way belt-driven water pumps do.

In the meantime, it features many advanced features that make it unique and keeps your engine running efficiently. The most important and mentionable thing is the Davies Craig water pump with an LCD water pump regulator to sense and adjust engine coolant flow. Anyway, let’s explore other features and benefits to keep you up to date about this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Operating voltage: 3V to 15V
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 130℃
  • Pump Material: Alloy housing with Nylon-66
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty

The Pros:

  • Lightweight allows construction.
  • Easy DIY installation process.
  • Increase fuel efficiency.
  • Extended engine life.
  • Universal fitment.

The Cons:

  • Frequent leakage will happens if the seal is damaged.

Davies Craig water pump comes with varieties of advanced and updated features to help you a lot. However, this review will cover every possible feature in detail to understand better.

Ceramic face seal

Good seal protection is crucial when it comes to a car’s water pump or any type of pump. Why? Seal protects the pump to leak water or coolant or any other liquid. Thus, the coolant goes through the cooling system into the engine for better efficiency and performance.

However, this water pump has a ceramic face seal to prevent any leakage from the cooling system and push the coolant hard to the engine without any coolant waste. For a long time, this professional seal prevents leaks.

Easy To Install

There is no hassle in installing this pump like other typical pumps takes lots of effort and time. All fittings, necessary accessories, and other tools are easily available to get the job done easily. The installation process includes draining the cooling system, removing the electrical connector, removing mounting nuts, eliminating both hoses, removing the old or worn-out pump, and finally, re-install the Davies Craig water pump.

In addition, the manufacturer included all the necessary installation instructions to assist you during the whole task. So, isn’t it super easy to finish? Yes, just put in all the effort and do work with focus.

Extremely Durable Construction

All pumps need to be strong and durable to perform for a long time. Luckily, Davie Craig’s engineer gives the best possible effort to manufacture this item. However, the housing is made of alloy materials and aluminum with nylon-66. Some pumps have fiberglass coating that resists rust for a long time.

The nylon-66 high-carbon finish increases rigidity and longevity while aluminum helps to prevent rust. All these ensure the pump is made to last. The ceramic seal also protects the pump from leaking coolant and liquid to make it stronger.

Withstand High Operating Temperature

This coolant can perform at any temperate whether it is lowest or highest. So you don’t need to worry go outside in cold weather or extremely high temperatures.

Bolt-on fittings

Bolt-on fitting design makes everything effortless from installation to removal. However, it has a high rate of suction or water flow to keep the engine and other parts saturated always. It can deliver 150 liters per minute (around 40 gallons per minute) which is enough to perform exactly what you need.

The advantages

Apart from the features, this water pump has many benefits. Now, we’ll explain the possible benefits in detail.

Extended Engine Life

The water pump aims to withstand dry situations or other bad things that damage the engine frequently. Thanks to the Davies Craig heavy-duty water pump with LCD controller. The brushless motor provides energy-efficient performance and the straight but even hose delivers sufficient water flow to the engine.

Ultimately, this water pump reduces the engine overheating when the temperature is high outside and gets frozen in the winter.

Higher Suction Rate

The 12V motor is highly efficient and delivers 40 gallons of water each minute. It can operate between 3V DC and 15V DC voltage in -40 degrees to 130 degrees Celcius. This tells that this unit can handle bulk tasks at once with greater speed and efficiency.

Reduced Overheating At Lower Speeds

The operating temperature range from -40 to 130 degrees celsius which enables the pump to operate in extreme weather conditions. It reduces frequent overheating problems by circulating and proceeding enough coolant at the right time into the engine and engine-related components.

Increase Acceleration

Better acceleration is a key aspect of better and safe driving. But it can’t be possible if the water pump isn’t good. Fortunately, the Davies Craig water pump has some game-changing features that allow it to deliver better acceleration support.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Using less gas is an incredible thing that every car owner expects. Better fuel economy saves you fuel and paying additional money. Also, reduced burning gas emits less harmful gas to keep the environment safe. This water pump is efficient in saving fuel to ensure better fuel efficiency.

2-Year Warranty

Davies Craig offers the industry’s best warranty with this pump. It offers a limited 2-year warranty within the best budget. The 16-AN internal threads provide reliable performance till the end.

The Disadvantages:

Though the water pump from the Davies has superior power with durability, it has some downsides too. In this section, we try to highlight some disadvantages below.

Frequent Deposit Buildup

If you don’t maintain the water pump properly, the deposit will build up frequently. Resulting in, the housing and other joints may be corrosive which in turn causes great damage. Also, deposit build-up makes the pump less efficient which is the ultimate cause of complete failure.

Frequent Leakage

Another common yet alarming damage to this pump is leakage. The seal will leak now and then if any inconvenience happens. Having this leak will result in coolant leaking, which can lead to an engine overheating issue.


Davies Craig water pump is the perfect option for those who want to upgrade or replace old-school and poorly-performing water pumps. It has some stunning features including an LCD water pump controller, fuel-saving efficiency, engine heat prevention techniques, and universal fitment. However, it replaces the need for a belt-driven pump.

In addition, there are easy-to-understand DIY installation instructions to get the installation done. So if you’re searching for a reliable, durable, trustworthy, high-performance, long-lasting, and outstanding water pump to keep your engine running smoothly, take this pump into account.

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